Picnic experience

That field trip is a very interesting experience for the children of Phuong Anh Kindergarten school. Children are free to learn, see the world around them outside the page, play with friends, exercise a sense of self-discipline when managing their personal belongings and following the rules of the school. tour group. Each trip will be beautiful memories, connecting more feelings of teachers and friends

On every trip, whether it’s far from the province or just a short picnic at a park in the city, every child’s face shows interest, every game wants to participate, many friends play until they sweat. I still want to continue playing. When leaving, all the children are nostalgic and look forward to coming back to play again.

With a comprehensive educational meaning and a profound humanistic meaning, the field trip activities of Phuong Anh MN School always take place successfully and receive strong support from students’ parents. Before each trip, the school always prepares carefully from the stage of planning, preparing food, water, and necessary utensils for the child. The school’s teachers always coordinate smoothly and enthusiastically take care of and guide children, ensuring that children have a rewarding, healthy and safe tour.

In addition to cultivating knowledge and life skills for children through classroom lessons and games, the organization of extra-curricular activities and picnics is always interested by the Board of Directors and teachers and develops practical plans. presently. Because through those trips, the children will be exposed to nature, experience with the outside world. Or simply when participating, children are disseminated simple, understandable and easy-to-remember rules in the process of traveling and participating in activities, reminding each other to walk in order, follow the rules. you, your teacher. It can be said that picnics are a practical practice in children’s lives, helping them to control themselves, teamwork, discipline when traveling… Besides, fun activities Play is also a means of education and intellectual development for children, contributing to strengthening and enriching children’s understanding of the world around them.